Points of Interest: Turning a Hollow Form

Points of Interest is an ongoing series of web discoveries by Guild members.

Mike O’Leary sent me to a article about Bihn Pho on this site called The Craftsman’s Path: A chronicle of woodworking and furniture design. It is run by Mark Mazzo. It was a good account of Mark taking a class from Bihn Pho. But this site has more to offer.

It features a number of articles with pictures and video on design, jigs, projects, and woodworking techniques, including turning. I particularly liked this 4 part video series called Woodturning a Hollow Form. They are a touch long, but as a result very clear and complete with good audio and camera work.

Be sure to check out Mark’s site, The Craftsman’s Path.

You can watch the hollow form videos right here:

Turning a Hollow Form – Part 1

Turning a Hollow Form – Part 2

Turning a Hollow Form – Part 3

Turning a Hollow Form – Part 4

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