Free cherry wood In Chilliwack

Free cherry wood: A Note from Richard Beyak

I was speaking with Cliff Daily from KMS earlier and he suggested I contact you. I recently cut down a cherry tree and have varying sizes of logs, stumps, etc. I have no purpose for it, because it was cut into too short a piece for me to use, so thought the Wood Turners could use it. The ends are being sealed as I type this message
The logs are located in Chilliwack and if interested please advise; otherwise I will post them on CraigsList for free in say a week. Take them ALL!!!
You can contact me at

Richard Beyak cell: 778 228-9999

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  1. Randall Maggs says:

    surely must have missed this. bought a truck and driving back home to NL. If by chance this is still available please let me know.

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