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A message from Bruce Campbell:

Hello Woodturners

For the last few years I have compiled a bulk order of Hermes J-Flex 2″-wide, wet/dry, cloth-backed, P-grade sandpaper in 10 meter rolls. The is an excellent abrasive for woodturning. By combining our orders together I can buy directly from the factory at considerable savings. There is how it works:

available grits are 80/100/120/120/180/220/320/400/600
email me how many 10M rolls of what grits you want to by Mar 15th, 2018
(no need to send money just yet)
I compile the requests and place the order with Hermes
Hermes gives me a total price and I compute what that costs per roll
I will email you to confirm your order at that price
I place the final order and they ship to me
I break the 50M rolls in 5 10M rolls
I email to say the order is ready and you pick up and pay
Last year the price per roll was $14 per roll; around 1/2 of retail. I expect the same this time but we need the total order to be over $2000 to get the wholesale price. If we don’t reach that level we will have to wait until next year.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Bruce Campbell

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