The Henry Goosen Award

 The Henry Goosen Award

Since 1988, members of the Fraser Valley Woodturners Guild have shared a passion for wood. With smiles on our faces, we explore the grain, colour and texture of the medium with our eyes and hands. As woodturners, we turn it on a lathe to add our own touch, giving it form, to further engage the senses and perhaps even evoke an emotion. Both the craft and the art form change and grow over time. New techniques and designs are endless and we seek them out, adding our own innovations as we go.

Henry Goosen, a charter member, well known for this passion for wood, embodied that spirit. He always took the lead in innovation and sought advancement of his own skills. His enthusiasm was infectious, encouraging others to do the same and ultimately leading the guild and its members in a forward direction. As such, Henry is the epitome of the ultimate woodturner.

Henry Goosen was born on Sept. 8 1918 and passed away on June 7th 1995.

The Henry Goosen award is given to members who help keep the passion of the guild alive. Through the years, recipients of the Henry Goosen award have all contributed in some capacity to making the Fraser Valley Woodturners Guild a vibrant and on-going success. This award not only honours Henry, but represents those members who have contributed to the success of the guild and helped inspire others to do the same.

The Henry Goosen Award is given annually at the FVWG May monthly meeting. Here is a list of past winners:

Adam Christiaane
George Geurts

Brian Muphy
Ross Patterson

Murray Sluys
Gerald Blenkern

Perry Niehaus
Ian Fulford

Bill Olsen
Colin Delory

Wayne Cunningham
Margaret Eiserman

Paul Weibe
Jim Peardon

Ed Pretty
Stan Clarke

Murray Harris
Bob Gonzales
Elenor Wells

Ian Waymark

Ted Lightfoot

John Krieger
Jim Vosbough

Bob Burke

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